IIMD (Swaziland) have been growing and evolving as a trusted, leading provider of international public service management training for nearly 10 years. Our expertise in providing training, coaching and consultancy has helped thousands of people in the public and private sector work more efficiently, increasing productivity and making a lasting impact for the organisation.

We will work with you to identify solutions and provide a programme delivered in a format and time frame that will suit your distinct set of circumstances. We take a proactive approach in utilising our diverse mix of skills and depth of international experience, designing and developing solutions that focus on transforming critical issues and obstacles into positive results. We want to ensure that the solutions you invest in will purposefully meet the challenges you face in attaining your unique organisational goals.

Importantly, we want all of our clients, both new and established, to understand that we have the capability and flexibility to meet very specific requirements through bespoke training solutions, coaching and consultancy.

Programmes Available
Information Communication Technology (ICT) Development Programme
Management Development Programme
Public Administration, International Affairs, Protocol & Governance
Policy/Programme/Project Management
Financial Management Courses
Agriculture & Environment Development Programmes
Water, Environmental & Rural Development Programme
Procurement, Supply Chain & Infrastructure Development
Health/Hospital Development Programmes
Treasury Development Courses